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Miami Chemical Peel

Why did we choose Miami Peel? 
The Miami Peel®  is a proven light to medium peel formula that safely exfoliates dead skin cells and bleaches pigment production. 

It is formulated, tested, and promoted by a group of prominent Dermatologists in the US and Europe. These formulas are backed by the latest science and delivered in affordable, accessible, and environmentally responsible formulations.


The formulation includes Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids (often referred to as “fruit acids”), such as Salicylic Acid from willow bark and wintergreen leaves, Citric Acid from citrus fruits, and Lactic Acid from soured milk. Kojic Acid (extracted from rice mold), is another important part of the Miami Peel because of the anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties it possess, proven to lighten and brighten skin.

The Miami Peel:​

  • removes dead cells

  • stimulates collagen formation

  • smoothes rough and or dry skin

  • improves the texture of sun-damaged skin and helps even out skin tones

  • improves the appearance of acne/blemished skin and hyperpigmentation

  • and more....

Chemical peel Miami peel at White Pebble Dermatology, LLC
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